Info about Milos

In Milos, the beautiful Cycladic island, and more precisely in Adamantas, one can find Riva Travel tourism office which offers its services to the travellers who want quality holidays on Aphrodite’s island!
The magnificent Milos lies in the south-west of the Cycladic Islands and is the fifth in size within this island group. It is 86 miles away from Piraeus Port and they are connected by speedboats and ferry boat.
MiloAfrodite-Milos-Riva-Travels has a surface of 151 square kms and about 5000 permanent inhabitants. What makes it special is its shape – like that of a horse shoe and its unique natural beauty. Beaches with clear waters and wonderful fine sand, rocks with amazing shapes, sea caves with crystal like water, but also remarkable historical and religious monuments such as the Early Christian catacombs, the byzantine castle, the churches and the traditional villages -all this make up a travelling experience worth living.
Adamantas, the port of Milos, where you can also find our office, is built inside the bay that bears the same name and is considered one of the most beautiful and secure natural bays in the Cycladic Islands. The village stands out because of its traditional Cycladic architecture and it is the best developed tourist center in Milos. Close to the port there are Lagada and Papikinou Beach-awarded with the Blue Flag.
The capital of the island is Plaka. It is built on the 220 metres high hill above the Adamantas cove. It is built according to the traditional architecture of the Cycladic islands and is considered one of the most picturesque settlements. You will definitely enjoy walking in the old neighbourhoods with their characteristic stone paved streets. The 13th century Venetian Castle is worth visiting in order to enjoy the amazing panorama from up there, and also the archaeological museum of the island. Among other exhibits you will be able to see a copy of the famous Aphrodite’s of Milos, as the original can be seen in the Louvre Museum.
In the south of Plaka there is the traditional village of Tripiti. It is just by the sea and it stands out because of its Cycladic architecture. It has an amazing panoramic view of the bay and you can enjoy this from one of the cafes or one of the tavernas there. If you take a stroll in the village you will get the chance to see its picturesque windmills.
During your stay on the island try not to miss Zefiria. It was the first, medieval, capital of Milos. It lies in the south-east part of the island, 5.5 kms from Adamantas.
It is worth walking on its picturesque alleys and visiting the Virgin Mary of Portiani or Portaitissa. This church was built in the 17th century, was the cathedral of Milos and also the oldest church in Zefiria.
One of the best places in Milos is Achivadolimni. It lies 8 kms south of Adamantas. It took its name from the small lake there which is full of clams. From Achivadolimni you can visit Kleftiko and Sikia – the well known sea caves of the island.Arkoudes-Milos-Riva-Travel-Milos
Kleftiko is the most famous natural tourist attraction in Milos. It can be found in the south-west of the island and you can get there only by boat, with one of those caiques that have a tour of the island starting from Adamantas. Huge pieces of white rocks rise from the sea and create an unearthly scenery. These rocks are shaped like semicircles and not far from the beach they form a small lake.
Sikia can be found in the south-west of the island and it is one of the biggest sea caves in Milos. In order to get to this cave you must go with one of those caiques that sail round the island. What is so special about it is the fact that some of its upper part sank creating a natural skylight that fills the sea cave with day light.
Another popular tourist attraction on the island is the Papafrangas Cave. It is actually three sea caves carved into huge white rocks of unparalleled beauty, looking as if they were sculpted. A boat ride to Papafrangas Cave will give you the chance to enjoy amazing sights and also to take the most beautiful photos of your holidays.
In the small fishing village of Klima you can find the most important religious monument of the island- the famous catacombs inside of which, during the Early Christian Period, Christians could find refuge. They date back to the end of the 1st century and together with the catacombs in Rome they represent the greatest old Christian cemeteries and worship places during the time when Christians were persecuted for their beliefs.
As you travel to the villages of Milos, it is worth seeing Apollonia or Polonia, a small fishing village built around a picturesque cove. Provatas is in the south of the island and it has an amazing beach with reddish gold sand and weirdly shaped rocks. Triovasalo and Pera Triovasalo are two villages built on two close hills, in the shape of an amphitheatre.
Milos is famous for its amazing beaches. Some of this are a must-see: Agia Kiriaki, Paliohori, Achivadolimni, Provatas, Triades, Papafrangas Cave, Firiplaka, Tsigrado, Plathiena, Gerontas, Agios Ioannis and, of course, Sarakiniko and Kleftiko -the most photographed spots on the island.
Discover Milos! Discover the beauty of the most wonderful island in the Cycladic Archipelago!